Forums and fake degrees

Published 1/10/2015

The excerpts below are taken from French-language discussion forums.  These types of discussion are very common. Here we have chosen 3 online groups with very different interests: health, education and video games.

Read on a health forum

• Mina 2000:

I copied a friend’s diploma and changed his name to mine. The copy looks good and I would like to use it on my CV.
Do companies check diplomas? (It’s a government diploma) and what are the risks if they catch me?
I think they generally just ask for a copy (in that case, my forgery won’t be noticed). Will they be able to check the diplomas in that case?
Thank you for your answers!” 

• Soleil 2003:

“With that nice little spleling mistake in your post, I hope you didn’t try to fake a baccalaureate or a teaching degree…
:D :D :D

• Mina 2000:

“You know, to each her own, and I didn’t force you to reply to my message! It’s terrible to have such a mentality!
I asked my question to open-minded people who could provide me the answers I was expecting!


• Cosmos:

“You’re trying to make us laugh, I hope? In any case, it worked! You come here and pose a question, someone answers you and you ask us not to answer… The intensive care forum isn’t open but you’re not in the right place anyway. :D Lastly, I’ll point out that even for vocational training certificate, you need to master French and spelling, and a word to the wise, it takes work to become a good fraud ;)

• Mina 2000:

“Oh! How I pity you! You’re unhappy people and you take it out on the first person who comes by?
I will tell you again that my question was meant for intelligent and open-minded people, I wanted to get different viewpoints on what I thought and not to be judged by pathetic people like you! Nothing to do with looking for people going in the same direction as me or having to justify myself because I made spelling mistakes! Good luck and go visit a psychiatrist! That’ll do you good!!! 

• Lilie 76: 

“I’m going to tell you what I think of what you’re doing… you’re probably not running any risks and that’s a real shame!!
There are people who work hard to earn their degrees and you make a collage with a photocopier???? It’s incredibly unfair to the “real” bearers of that degree!!!!
Ill-gotten gains seldom prosper… even if an employer hires you because they think you have that degree, they’ll see from your incompetence that you don’t… good luck getting out of that situation and finding a job after that.”

• Imagination: 

“Why this animosity! You’re really the ones lacking in intelligence! You’re mean, you’re not trying to engage her in a discussion to explain to her that she’s making a big mistake by making a fake. you may have degrees and so that gives you the right in your eyes to judge and thereby condemn! the fact that you have degrees has not unfortunately brought you intelligence of the soul! Pathetic bunch of elitists”

• Mina 2000:

“Thank you very much for your response!
I find that there a lot of biases here about my having made this diploma, but believe me I am not proud of it! It’s not my fault that I haven’t had the chance to continue my education like the majority of the people who are judging me without knowing my story!
Thank you anyway for your responses


Read on an educational forum

• Nico_n:


Is there a program from making diplomas?
I looked on Google and didn’t find anything.

• Sh4rk:

Gimp, photoshop,, word, publisher… 

Then you have to use your creativity to get what you want. 

There are no doubt programs that do it for you but the end product is often mediocre”

• Nico_n:

“And otherwise you don’t know of a program that does that where you just have to put what you want and then print?”

• Cartouche:

“Scan a real one and then modify it however you want, I made a horse riding certification like that, it takes 30 seconds at most  :)

• Champion 13:

“but where do you find a real diploma to scan???

• Jiyong: 

“at school”

• Oli: 

“School’s actually good for something?! :p

But thanks to the Internet, this has become obsolete: […] 1&sa=N&tab=wi


Read on a video game forum

• John_stewart: 

” I just made myself a fake master’s degree in welfare law (even though I’m doing my bachelor’s in law) and I signed up at the temp agency. They asked for my master’s, so I gave them the degree. They took it and I’m waiting for a job.

Except that I’m wondering if they’ll check that the degree is real? What are the risks if they catch me? It’s a little late to be asking, but anyway -” 

• Kazel:

“call them back and tell them: I do apologize, but I’ve given you a fake degree :hap:

• John_stewart: 

“But if I call them it’s done for as well. But if I don’t say anything and it goes over  :bave: . I’ll be getting jobs that pay!  :bave:” 

• born-2-lose: 

“lol you really think that with a master’s in welfare law you have more of a chance of getting work? Temp work is mainly little shit jobs like maintenance so with or without a degree it doesn’t change anything.

• Gruz187:

“You’re doing a bachelor’s in law, but you can’t write without making mistakes??  :ouch2:  :ouch:  :rire: 

• keichi 49 : 

Oh ok a ‘fake’  :noel: By the way yes they check then you’re in deep shit”


how do you know they check? it’s ‘no fake.’ I actually failed out of the bachelor’s in law, so I’m looking for work, and it ain’t easy. So that’s why I made myself a degree :hum: ”

• Torquemada:

“If they ask for the degree it’s to check, otherwise they just look at it and ask you for a photocopy. It’s not for nothing that a lot of people buy their degrees (which are real) rather than making a fake one… Legally you’re engaged in forgery and use of forged documents you should know what that means.

• pseudark:

“Am I the only one who thinks that the poster is serious loser?  :doute:



“I’m convinced that employers don’t check whether degrees are genuine.

To check whether a degree is genuine, you have to contact the ministry that granted the degree, there’s a whole administrative process, it’s super long… No employer is going to take the bloody time to do that…  :(

Try it with a degree you have, you’ll see…
I did that when I lost my baccalauréat, I had to call the school board who asked me to do all sorts of stupid administrative things, it took so much time to get my diploma back…  :fou:

But if you don’t have the skills you’re supposed to have, they’ll see that right away  :hap: