The role of the Institute

International Institute for Research and Action on Academic Fraud and Plagiarism

The Institute was officially formed in Geneva on 18 June 2016. It is an independent organization and has no political or religious affiliation.


The role of the Institute is

  • To create a forum for international, interdisciplinary scientific discussion on fraud and plagiarism
  • To aid and assist individuals and institutions affected by academic fraud or plagiarism
  • To conduct theoretical and applied research in those specific fields
  • To formulate and disseminate a methodological protocol with respect to fraud and plagiarism
  • To promote training and provide information on fraud and plagiarism
  • To organize specialized and/or interdisciplinary seminars, conferences and workshops
  • To manage and develop a reference portal for academic institutions
  • To publish and distribute articles, books, web-based content, and the French-language newsletter on fraud and ethics, “Fraude et déontologie”
  • To set up a means of distributing educational films, research skills training software, and online lectures
  • To set up a collaborative platform for the collection of works so that all parties may learn from them

To find out more

Interview given by Professor Michelle Bergadaà (in French)
Radio Télévision Suisse (RTS) – 31/10/2016
Émission CQFD : Le plagiat menace les sciences
To listen to the program, click here.