Guiding principles


Our objectives with our certifications attest to the willingness:

• to avoid institutional omerta on a constantly growing scourge
• prevent the abuse of plagiarism and scientific fraud
• but also to avoid abusive or slanderous denunciations
• thus to pacify the academic communities, which are always exasperated by the cases of fraud and plagiarism revealed.

The difficulties encountered in all cases of integrity violations and limited by our certifications:

• fear of reprisals from witnesses and victims of integrity violations
• the lack of experience of people alerted to these integrity violations leads them to refer by analogy to one or two cases they have personally experienced, often in a de facto and subjective way
• the lack of appropriate methodologies for handling the variety of cases presented at commissions of inquiry.
• the obligation to respect official secrecy, which prevents evaluators from seeking expert advice outside official commissions

The 4 certifications offered by the IRAFPA Institute consist of a preliminary training of 1 to 2 days, a permanent contact with the certified persons or institutions and a control every 3 years

Commissions of Inquiry
Integrity Champions
Responsible Institution
Plagiarism expertise