Council of Europe – Strasbourg

Council of Europe Platform on Ethics, Transparency and Integrity in Education (ETINED)

The Council of Europe Platform on Ethics, Transparency and Integrity in Education (ETINED) is a network of specialists appointed by the 50 States Parties to the European Cultural Convention (ECC) and meeting once a year to oversee the Council of Europe’s work in this area and assess the progress made in the field. Its mandate stems from the 2013 Helsinki Education Ministerial Conference and has been shaped and agreed upon by the 50 States Parties to the ECC, represented within the CDPPE. It is based on the assumption that issues regarding quality education and corruption can only be effectively addressed if all relevant sections of society commit fully to fundamental positive ethical principles for public and professional life rather than rely only on top-down mechanistic regulatory measures. ETINED proposes therefore a principles-based approach to ethics, transparency and integrity in education.

Its mission specifically consists in:

• Contributing to the development of good governance, a culture of democracy and participation in education by promoting ethics, transparency and integrity at all levels (giving special attention to the fight against corruption and fraud in education and research);

• Developing policy opinions and instruments and more generally raising awareness of the issues of ethics, transparency and integrity in education;

• Sharing information and good practices among member States in the widest possible way;

• Supporting the establishment of national and regional pilot projects on ethics, transparency and integrity in education and developing expertise to support interested countries.

Symposium Programme 29-30 November 2018

Preparatory note for the Symposium

Thursday 29 November 2018, Room 5, Palais de l’Europe

9.30-10.00      Opening session

MatjažGruden, Director of Democratic Participation, Council of Europe
Gianluca Esposito, Executive Secretary of the Group of States Against Corruption, Council of Europe

10.00-11.00     Plenary Session 1 – Education Fraud*
        Chaired by Michael Remmert, Head of the Education Policy Division, Council of Europe*
        Tackling contract cheating,presentation by Phil Newton, Swansea University Medical School*
        How to build a consistent future for knowledge controlling fraud and plagiarism, presentation by Michelle Bergadaà, President of       International Institute for Research and Action on Academic Fraud and Plagiarism

        Diploma mills, presentation byLuca Lantero, CIMEA-ENIC/NARIC Italy

1.30-12.30       Plenary Session 2 – New technologies as a deterrent to cheating
        Chaired by Stefania Kruger, ETINED Programme Manager, Council of Europe
        The FRAUDOC initiative and the role of new technology in fighting education fraud, presentation by Chiara Finocchietti, CIMEA-        ENIC/NARIC Italy

14.00-17.00    Parallelworking group sessions

Working Group A – Room 5 Chaired by Carita Blomqvist, Finnish National Board of Education
       Case studies: How to deal with contract cheating,Veronika Králíková, Czech Republic

Working Group B – Room 6 Chaired by Erik Johansson, ENIC-NARIC Sweden
       Case studies: Experience with introducing national repositories providing plagiarism detection,Julius Kravjar, Slovak Republic

Friday 30 November 2018 – Room 9, Palais de l’Europe

9.30 – 10.30    Plenary Session 3: Good practices from Member States and lessons from the field
       Chaired by Sarah Keating, Head of the Cooperation and Capacity-building Division, Council of Europe
       The central anti-plagiarism system in Poland, presentation by Dr Andrzej Kurkiewicz,Ministry of Science and Higher Education, Poland

        Presentation of the EU/CoE Horizontal Facility Projects in Serbia, Montenegro and Kosovo*:Strengthen integrity and combat        corruption in higher educationby Vesna Atanasova, Programme Manager, Council of Europe

10.50-12.00    Plenary Session 3 continued

Presentation of the new Law on Academic Integrity in Montenegro, presentation by Milos Boskovic, Project Officer for Actions in Education, Council of Europe Programme Office in Podgorica

The role of quality assurance in promoting integrity and combatting fraud in higher education, presentation by Stamenka Uvalić-Trumbić, CHEA/CIQG Senior Advisor

Lessons from practice: from discussion to action, presentation by Dennis Farrington, President of the Board and Professor in Law Faculty SEEU

12.00-12.30    Closing session – The way ahead

The way ahead, presentation by Luca Lantero, CIMEA-ENIC/NARIC Italy