Assessment methodology

What the document includes:

The document available for download above lays out the six-step methodology that we use in cases where academic plagiarism is alleged.

Our recommendations are based in the goals of our assessment methodology, with the final goal being to bring peace to the community. We therefore encourage the administrative and academic authorities responsible for hearing the cases to take action that is proportional to the plagiarism found, that takes into account the circumstances surrounding the behavior, and that reflects basic principals of equity.

The assessment methodology is described in the book: Bergadaà, M., 2015, Le plagiat académique. Comprendre pour agir, L’Harmattan, Coll. Questions contemporaines. (An English translation will be available shortly.)

The document includes:

1.1 The texts subject to assessment

1.2 A review of concepts relating to plagiarism and its consequences and the rules of academic and scientific integrity

1.3 An overview of the ways plagiarists operate and the signs indicating whether plagiaristic behavior was intentional

1.4 The ten potential consequences of plagiaristic behavior

1.5 The table we prepare to present any plagiarism found

1.6 Information relating to the identified victims and the final recommendations