“Commissions of Inquiry”

Referent: Pierre-Jean Benghozi

Method: 2 days of training in Geneva. Group and remote case studies. Debate on acquired knowledge. Interaction with IRAFPA experts.

Follow-up of the certification: Assistance in the implementation of the program. Confidential advice at the request of the certified people. Monitoring progress at the end of years 1 and 2. Annual anonymous document tracking shared by all certified persons. Verification of certification after 2 years.

Skills acquired through certification

1) Register a complaint of fraud and/or plagiarism
Conduct a prompt and objective investigation to prevent complainants from feeling unfair and rumours from spreading.

2) Set up an ad hoc committee
Refusing to entrust the investigation to an internal commission: pres- sure, lack of serenity, biased conclusions…

3) Select Committee Members
Complementarity of members: a doctor in law, one or two specialists in the relevant field, an expert in fraud or plagiarism.

4) Facts, facts, always facts
Collect case documents appropriately: distinguish reliable and factual documents (see certification 4) from emotionally overwhelming wri- tings.

5) Qualify the fault(s)
Establish the seriousness of the fraud or plagiarism: distinguish the extent of the intentionality of the perpetrator.

6) Contextualize the case
Then conduct stakeholder hearings to contextualize the relationships between stakeholders, and identify associated responsibilities.

7) Determining offending behaviour
Determine the impact of fraudulent behaviour on collateral victims (e.g. publishers, readers, etc.)

8) Establish potential remedies for stakeholders
Formulate specific recommendations for institutional leaders who will then have to act.

9) Conclude the investigation
The objective of the conclusion is the pacification of communities while restoring equity between individuals, actors and organizations.

10) Communicate on the investigation
Prepare an annual summary of (anonymized) cases investigated: quantity and nature of sanctions. Communicate it.