Survey: Training in the use of generative AI

IRAFPA is conducting a sociological survey of its 17,500 subscribers.
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Michelle Bergadaà et Paulo Peixoto


  1. In June 2020, the GPT-3 model enabled companies to make a quantum leap in text generation, from writing emails to generating programming code. Students now had easier access to this tool.
  2. In November 2022, GPT-4 becomes free and continues its exponential improvement, with changes such as greater factual accuracy, better interaction and the ability to change behavior according to user requests. In 2023 or 2024: ChatGPT will become « creative ».
  3. Since 2022, plug-ins have been springing up regularly to enhance generative AI skills, and the supply market is exploding.
  4. Fraud and plagiarism detection software will remain largely ineffective for checking a posteriori whether writings (theses, articles, books, etc.) were written with or without the author’s mastery of ChatGPT.