Livre : Academic Integrity – A Call to Research and Action, 2023


Bergadaà M., Peixoto P. (2023). Academic Integrity – A Call to Research and Action. Research Ethics 2,

In English. Date of publication: 2023

Thirty-four contributors from ten different countries explore the ways in which integrity in academic life is shaped and, potentially, damaged. From the role of publishing, to the relationship between the law and the academy, the responsibility of institutions to set cultural expectations, and the part that training can play in deepening the understanding and practice of integrity across the spectrum of academic life, these thoughtful and provocative contributions dig deeply into the problems and suggest possibilities for change.

Academic Integrity – A Call to Research and Action draws from the interdisciplinarity of its authors, who come from the fields of science, medicine, journalism, archaeology, management, sociology, and international diplomacy and are brought together by the Institute of Research and Action on Fraud and Plagiarism in Academia (IRAFPA).

The reader – whether a researcher, a doctoral student, a teacher, a manager of a higher education institution, a library manager, etc. – will find precise answers and a call to action.

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